Who should be appointed the executor and trustee?

Written by Terry Johansson | 27th September 2013

There are no requirements to appoint any specific person as your executor and trustee.

You should ideally appoint someone trustworthy and responsible to be the executor.  As the role can be hard work and time consuming, it is a good idea to speak to the person you wish to appoint before drafting your Will. The person appointed as executor is not obliged to take the role if they do not want it and still has the right to refuse the appointment after you die.

Usually, family members or friends will be appointed as executors.

However solicitors are often also appointed. The Public Trustee can be appointed if no one else is available.

It is recommended that you choose more than one (1) person to act as executor with the second person being a ‘back up’ executor. The ‘back up’ executor will only take on the role of executor if the first person you appoint predeceases you or is not able to or does not wish to take on the role.


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