Disputes Between Executors and Beneficiaries


The contents of this page is general information only and should not be considered to be legal advice.  It does not take into account the many variations in the laws between the various Australian States.  You should obtain your own legal advice applicable to your own personal situation.


Sometimes, applying for Probate is not a straight forward matter. Difficulties and disputes may arise between executors and beneficiaries, and occasionally between the beneficiaries themselves. When this happens, the administration of the Estate and the application for Probate is often unable to proceed until the disputes have been resolved. This guide discusses how such disputes can be dealt with, with or without the assistance of the courts, and some tips for avoiding conflict altogether. This is a guide only and you should contact CWPL for information about your individual circumstances.

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Common Questions

CWPL can easily answer these common questions for You:

  • I suspect fraud by the executor.  How can I protect the estate assets?
  • How do I remove an executor who I suspect is improperly managing the estate?
  • What if two executors cannot work together to wind up the estate?
  • If the beneficiaries are unhappy what can they do?

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