Disputes over Grants of Probates

You only have one chance to ensure that your Inheritance Rights are properly dealt with and that you get what you are entitled to.  By selecting CWPL You know that You will get the best lawyers for You.

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Our Philosophy and Code of Practice

CWPL aims to give affordable first class service.

We aim to resolve claims by negotiation and mediation, and take court action only if there is no alternative.

As Australia’s Specialists in Contesting Wills™, we will devise a strategy to help you achieve a satisfactory outcome.

CWPL’s philosophy is to offer inexpensive advice that provides a solution for you.

CWPL is here to help resolve your Probate dispute without eroding the assets of the estate with legal fees.

CWPL are skilled negotiators and actively encourage mediating before taking legal proceedings.  However we will promptly apply to the courts for a ruling if needed.

A Unique Service

Our specialised legal team are here to help You exercise Your Inheritance Rights.

Offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

For an initial, obligation free assessment of your claim, call Terry Johansson.

Find out more about CWPL’s No Win No Fee* plan offers full funding of all Your fees. 

Expert negotiators: We settle most claims without going to court.

Common Questions

CWPL can easily answer these common questions for You:

Effect of The Will

  • If there was advanced illness, did the Willmaker have capacity, or were they heavily influenced?
  • Is the Will properly signed?  Is it a forgery?
  • What expert evidence do I need and how much does it cost?
  • Can a previous a Will come back into effect?
  • What if the Will is lost or appears to have been revoked or cancelled?
  • How can I reduce the risk of having to pay the other side’s legal costs?
  • Was the Willmaker really single?  Was their marriage genuine?  What if they remarried after the Will was made?
  • What is the effect if the Willmaker and their partner were separated or divorcing?
  • Does a beneficiary who witnessed the Will lose out?

Disputes with the Executor

  • I suspect fraud by the executor.  How can I protect the estate assets?
  • How do I remove an executor who I suspect is improperly managing the estate?
  • What if two executors cannot work together to wind up the estate?
  • If the beneficiaries are unhappy what can they do?

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