What is a NO Win No Fee plan?

Written by Terry Johansson | 13th September 2013

This type of plan ensures that you should never have to pay any part of your own solicitor’s legal fees from your own pocket, whether you “win” or “lose”.

Under this type of plan, the client’s solicitor should only charge a fee for their work IF the amount recovered by making the claim exceeds the legal fees, and the legal fees are only charged WHEN the funds are recovered.

Most plans do not cover the out of pocket expenses of the solicitor, such as barristers fees and court fees, and so usually a claimant has to pay these from their own pocket as the matter proceeds, even if they are on a No Win No Fee plan.

A solicitor who offers a conditional fee arrangement is usually entitled to charge an extra fee (an Uplift Fee) that is up to an extra 25% of their normal fee for time.

Hint: find a solicitor whose No Win No Fee plan covers both their time charges and their out of pocket expenses, so that you effectively get 100% finance.

Marketing: about CWPL

CWPL’s  unique No Win No Fee plan offers you the following special features:

  • It covers not only CWPL’s time charges, but also all out of pocket expenses so you should never have to pay anything from our own pocket
  • CWPL only charges when the funds are recovered from the claim, so you should never need to make any payments in advance
  • CWPL usually charges an Uplift Fee on its Professional Fees of 25%.

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