Intestacy – Issues for Stepchildren


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This section discusses the particular issues facing step-children on the death of their step-parent who has died without a Will (‘intestate’). In such a situation, most people may be unaware of their rights including whether they are able to make a claim against the Estate. Unfortunately, a step-child may suffer considerable hardship if their step-parent dies intestate. A step-child is not usually able to be the Administrator of their step-parent’s estate and will not be entitled to receive a share of the Estate under the rules of intestacy. The Estate will be divided between the blood relatives of their step-parent. In the future we will be covering the following topics:

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Common Questions

CWPL can easily answer these common questions for You:

  • Is there really an intestacy if a Will may turn up?  Is the Will valid?
  • What happens if only some of the assets are covered by the Will?
  • How do I prove my relationship and calculate my entitlements?
  • How can DNA prove who are the children who are entitled?
  • Which assets pass under the intestacy, and which pass automatically to others?
  • If the Intestacy Rules do not provide for me, can I claim for more?

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