What if the deceased was living or travelling overseas at the time of death?

Written by Terry Johansson | 27th September 2013

If a person dies whilst overseas, the local police will inform the Australian Consulate who will then contact the deceased’s next of kin.

The death must be registered in the country in which the deceased died. It may also be registered at the Australian Embassy in the foreign country where an Australian style death certificate will be issued.

If the deceased’s family wish to bring the body back to Australia, arrangements must be made with international undertakers. Generally, the international undertakers will require a certified copy of the foreign death certificate (translated into English if necessary), formal authorisation to remove the body from the country and a certificate of embalming. It may be possible to claim the costs for this from the deceased’s travel insurance.

The Australian Consulate in the relevant foreign country will be able to help with obtaining the death certificate, any other formal paperwork and making the necessary arrangements.

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